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So how should curtains be installed in bedrooms with bay windows?
1、 The curtains are all installed in the bay window
For units with larger bay windows, this method can be chosen. The curtains are installed in the bay windows, which do not occupy the bedroom area, making the entire bedroom look more spacious and atmospheric.
2、 The curtains are all installed in the bedroom
Generally, the length of curtains installed in this way is mostly close to the ground. From a aesthetic perspective, this installation method will be more atmospheric. It is worth noting that the installation of curtains in the bedroom means that the window top is often exposed to the sun, which indirectly reduces the service life of the window top. Also, as soon as the curtains are pulled, a piece of the bay window feels as if it has been separated from the outside. Not only does the room feel less spacious, but the area of the bay window also feels a bit wasted.
3、 The shading curtain is in the bedroom, and the transparent curtain is in the bay window
This method combines the advantages of the previous two installation methods, with a beautiful and atmospheric effect, and a spacious space. When people sit on the bay window, reading, chatting, and other activities, pulling the transparent curtain can protect their privacy, and people outside cannot see it.
4、 The shading curtain is in the bay window, and the transparent curtain is in the bedroom
这种方式的优点是,飘窗上的东西不型槽模具 一次性止血带 保定水处理设备 一次性止血带 保定空压机 北京真空泵担心被晒坏,太阳强烈时,遮光布一拉解决问题。纱帘在卧室内主要装饰作用,增加了房间的柔美感和温馨感。
The advantage of this method is that the things on the bay window are not afraid of being damaged by the sun. When the sun is strong, the shading cloth can be pulled to solve the problem. The main decorative function of gauze curtains in the bedroom is to increase the softness and warmth of the room.