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1. Insufficient motor power: the outdoor ceiling curtain belongs to the tension type ceiling curtain system, and the tubular motor with larger torque shall be selected as much as possible during the initial installation. When the electric motor works in the long-term outdoor environment, under the action of rain erosion and high-strength tension, the power will inevitably weaken, and the sunshade will stop when it cannot reach the top, in this case, the motor must be replaced;
2. Fabric aging: due to the long-term outdoor rain erosion and sunlight exposure, the fabric is damaged greatly. The fabric with low color fastness will fade and age after two or three years, which needs to be replaced;
3. Abrasion and fracture of traction rope: Generally speaking, the fixed pulley at the top of the track on both sides of the outdoor ceiling curtain does not have bearings because of the waterproof of outdoor products. The traction rope runs repeatedly under the action of strong tension, accumulating over time. Even the strongest traction rope will wear until it breaks. The outdoor ceiling curtain fabric will lose transmission and cannot operate normally, which requires replacing the traction rope;
4. Insufficient spring tension: mainly manifested in the phenomenon of fabric relaxation, traction rope derailment and fabric deviation. There is no other solution but to replace the spring;
5.控制系统故障:控制系统故障主要表现在型槽模具 一次性止血带 保定水处理设备 一次性止血带 保定空压机 北京真空泵遥控器失灵,或者说根本就控制不了。这就需要从新检查,更换控制线、电机接收器和发射器。
5. Control system failure: the failure of the control system is mainly manifested in the failure of the remote control, or the inability to control at all. This requires a new check and replacement of the control line, motor receiver and transmitter.