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The six advantages of using a zebra curtain with five anti shading functions on balconies:
1、 Space saving: The curtains can be installed inside the window sills, saving space and not affecting the placement of other items on the balcony.
2、 Sunscreen: The fabric has a color fastness of level 8 (a high level in China), and will not fade after 10 years of exposure to sunlight. The installation code is made of stainless steel material, which will not age, embrittle, or deform.
3、 Mouldproof: The curtain fabric is covered with special PVC material and undergoes aseptic treatment at all stages of production, without providing an environment for bacterial growth. The water vapor generated by drying clothes on the balcony will not cause the fabric to grow mold.
4、 Sunshade dimming: Double layer fabric can achieve staggered dimming, adjust the intensity of light entering the balcony, reduce heat exchange, and reduce energy consumption.
5、 Healthy and environmentally friendly: All fabrics are made of healthy and environmentally friendly materials, with a formaldehyde detection content of 0, giving you a healthy space.
6、 Aesthetics: Shangchao sunshade with five anti function zebra blinds, available in 5 series and 20 colors, perfect match for interior decoration!
Open balcony shading - recommended trendy shading and windproof roller blinds
阳台是开放式的推荐尚潮遮阳防风卷帘,尚潮遮阳防风卷帘边框选用铝合金材质,极简设计,外型美观大气,颜色可选,与阳台环境完美融合。防风卷帘面料为户外面料,玻纤材质,耐候性强,抗老化。开孔率可从0%—25%自由选择,保证空气流动的同时可以保护隐私,防风防雨。尚潮遮阳防风卷帘的抗风等级为10级(国内高等级——JG/T 274-2018标准),静态风力家庄电动伸缩门 保定桌椅  保定水处理设备 河北机械加工  保定养老院  保定防水荷载相当于1.7倍的12级飓风,是能抗飓风的防风卷帘。
The balcony is an open and recommended Shangchao sunshade and windproof roller shutter. The frame of Shangchao sunshade and windproof roller shutter is made of aluminum alloy material, with a minimalist design, beautiful and atmospheric appearance, and optional colors, perfectly integrating with the balcony environment. The windproof roller shutter is made of outdoor fabric and glass fiber, with strong weather resistance and aging resistance. The opening rate can be freely selected from 0% to 25%, ensuring air flow while protecting privacy and preventing wind and rain. The wind resistance level of Shangchao sunshade and windproof roller shutter is level 10 (domestic high level - JG/T 274-2018 standard), and the static wind load is equivalent to 1.7 times the 12 level hurricane, making it a windproof roller shutter that can withstand hurricanes.