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Texture Selection of Electric Curtain Fabric
First of all, you need to understand the texture of electric curtains, mainly cotton, silk, silk, nylon, Georgette yarn, plastic, aluminum alloy and so on. When choosing the texture of electric curtain, we should consider the function of the room. For example, bathroom and kitchen, we should choose suitable and easy-to-wash material, and try to make the wind simple and fluent. The living room and dining room can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics.
卧室的电动窗帘是我们应多省心的中央,它请求厚质、温馨、平安,以保证生活隐密性及睡眠闲适。书房电动窗帘却要透光性能好、亮堂,采用淡雅的颜色,使人身临其中,心情平稳,有利于工作学习。选择电动窗帘面料质地还应思索时节要素槽模具 一次性止血带 保定水处理设备 一次性止血带 保定空压机 北京真空泵,夏季电动窗帘宜用质料轻柔的纱或绸,以透气凉快;冬天宜用质厚的绒线布,厚密暖和;花布电动窗帘四季皆宜,但尤以春天生动明快。
The electric curtain of the bedroom is the center where we should be more careful. It asks for thick quality, warmth and safety to ensure the privacy of life and the leisure of sleep. The study electric curtain, however, should have good transparency and bright hall, adopt elegant colors, so that people can face it personally, and be in a stable mood, which is conducive to work and study. Choosing the texture of electric curtain should also consider the seasonal factors. In summer, the electric curtain should use soft yarn or silk to breathe and cool; in winter, it should use thick wool cloth, thick and warm; in all seasons, the electric curtain of flower cloth should be lively and lively, especially in spring.