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The main function of curtains is to isolate themselves from the outside world, maintain the privacy of the room, and at the same time, they are indispensable decorations for home decoration. In winter, curtains divide the interior and exterior into two worlds, adding warmth to the room. Modern curtains can reduce and block light to meet people's needs for different intensities of light; It can also prevent fire, wind, dust, warmth, noise, insulation, radiation, and ultraviolet radiation, improving the indoor climate and environment. Therefore, the clever combination of decoration and practicality is a major feature of modern curtains.
窗帘的发展经历了很多变化,明显的变化反映在窗帘的材质上。一开始,窗口在开始使用的时候只不过是在墙上和天花板上凿出或留出非常粗糙的孔洞或印第家庄电动伸缩门 保定桌椅  保定水处理设备 河北机械加工  保定养老院  保定防水安人圆锥形帐篷天窗式的开口,其基本的用途还只是限于通风,这些孔洞和开口往往使用野兽之皮或草的编织物布加以遮盖。兽皮和草席是早期形态的窗帘,而由于草席的美观性,这种窗饰流传至今,在南方的夏天,还有家庭会挂上草席窗帘,取其凉快。
The development of curtains has undergone many changes, with obvious changes reflected in the material of the curtains. At the beginning, the window was only used to chisel or leave very rough holes in the walls and ceilings or to create skylight like openings in Native American conical tents. Its basic purpose was limited to ventilation, and these holes and openings were often covered with animal skin or grass woven fabric. Animal skins and grass mats were early forms of curtains, and due to the beauty of grass mats, this type of window decoration has been passed down to this day. In the summer of the south, some families hang grass mat curtains to keep them cool.