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The accessories for electric curtains should be well coordinated with the motor and mechanism, with high accuracy requirements, and high-quality accessories should be selected. It is best to choose a ribbed coiler for electric Roman blinds and electric blinds, which rolls smoothly and will not have left high, right low, or right high, left low situations, affecting aesthetics; Ordinary pull ropes can be suspended for a long time and are prone to deformation, embrittlement, and fracture after exposure to sunlight and rain. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a dense and firm pull rope.
Production process
产品的制作工艺如何,直接影响产品的实用性及美观度,千万不可小看。从很多细节可以观察出产品的制作工艺:轨道的表面处理工艺、面料 的剪裁工艺、安装座的灵活度、叶片的弹性、叶片切口的处理、拉绳的结实度等。
The manufacturing process of a product directly affects its practicality and aesthetics, and should not be underestimated. The production process of the product can be observed from many details, such as the surface treatment process of the track, the cutting process of the fabric, the flexibility of the installation seat, the elasticity of the blade, the treatment of the blade cut, and the firmness of the pull rope.
选购电动窗帘有这么多学问,很多消费者因为不了解而直接以价格为决定因素,结果购买的产品不能用或者不适合。消费者切不可盲目崇洋媚外,国州苗木  保定电动门 保定空压机 化粪池模具 微型蠕动泵 保定强夯 收费岛模具内电机无论从性能上还是外观上与国外电机的水平相差不多,但价格相差5-10倍。性价比高还是国产的。当然选择产品要质量及售后服务有保障的品牌产品。国产厂家的产品售后服务也是有保障的。
There is so much knowledge in choosing electric curtains that many consumers, because they are not familiar with it, directly consider the price as the determining factor, resulting in products that cannot be used or are not suitable. Consumers must not blindly idolize foreign countries. Domestic motors have similar performance and appearance to foreign motors, but their prices differ by 5-10 times. Is it cost-effective or domestically produced. Of course, choosing a brand product with guaranteed quality and after-sales service is essential. The after-sales service of domestic manufacturers' products is also guaranteed.